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Drones have introduced new ways of doing business and getting the job done by making a 'birds-eye view' of virtually any project possible and affordable.

The majority of New Zealand businesses don't have the budget to pay for helicopter hire to capture video footage from the skies, and in many situations helicopters hovering low enough to gather the level of detail required is not realistic either.

But drones can go where humans and aviators have never been able to go before - and they can do it a lot more safely.

All that is required is the right drone operator, compliance with the Civil Aviation rules and the ability to understand exactly all the different ways a well-piloted drone with suitable camera equipment on board can help you get the job done.

Health and Safety at work

The introduction of the updated Health and Safety at Work Act has increased the liability burden on business owners, building managers, staff and even directors to ensure that potential risk in the workplace is managed appropriately.

Safety at height is one area where using drones to capture close up footage of hard to reach building exteriors can make a significant difference to the compliance costs required by more conventional means (and the risk working at height entails).

Drones can capture footage on a regular basis to check for maintenance issues - on anything from bridges to schools to stadia or skyscrapers.

They can also be used for auditing purposes to demonstrate that the appropriate systems are in place for the physical maintenance work that may need to be carried out on building roofs, and to identify where safety equipment needs to be installed.

Progress on construction projects

Being able to send up a drone on a regular basis to capture the progress of any large scale (or even small scale) construction projects is highly effective, not only in providing a record of the job, but also for use in communication with the public, especially for long term projects like roadworks.

An excellent example of both recording and communicating can be seen in the drone footage below, taken for NZTA of the new bridge development at Christchurch International Airport.

Marketing - a new perspective

Marketers of all kinds are always looking for 'new and different' ways to capture the attention of their prospective customers - whether they are selling real estate, promoting events, enticing tourists or simply presenting a product in new and different ways.

An aerial perspective can inform the viewer/buyer in a brand new way, engaging them far more than that single image from ground level might do.

And of course you have the option of using video or still footage - once again you just need a professional drone pilot in control and preparing the imagery for you once it has been captured.


AirShare Marketplace

The AirShare Drone Marketplace has been developed with the intention of providing a one-stop search engine for any individual or business wanting to hire a professional drone operator - as well as a fast and efficient way to find operators who have gone through the CAA's Part 102 certification process.

As the Marketplace continues to grow in numbers of operators, this will become an increasingly useful search tool, particularly as more reviews are added to individual operator listings.

The Marketplace is also linked directly to our flight logging platform, so you can see at a glance how many flights an operator has logged with us.