Wondering where you can and cannot fly your drone in New Zealand?

Check out the maps below to find out.

Low flying zones

The orange areas are Low Flying Zones. UAVs are not permitted to fly in any Low Flying Zones.
Military operating areas

The green areas are Military Operating Areas. Permission from the Administering Authority is required.

The blue circled areas indicate a 4km radius around aerodromes.
Restricted areas

The purple areas are Restricted Areas. Permission from the Administering Authority is required.
Control zones

The red transparent areas are control zones. Control zones are managed by Air Traffic Control and extend down to ground level.
Auckland Council zones
These zones are managed by Auckland Council. For more information, please see Auckland Council website.


Military Operating Areas and Restricted Areas include height data in the pop-up tags. To help you understand this information we have included a key below: 

SFC = Surface

FL660 = Flight Level 66,000FT

NOTAM - Notices to Airman (see glossary for further info)


Please note:

  • These maps are intended to depict published aerodromes, aerodrome control zones, Low Flying Zones, Military Operating Areas and Restricted Areas only. Upper level controlled airspace is not depicted which is above 400 feet outside a control zone. There are other types of special use airspace areas such as Danger Areas, which are permanent and also temporary notified via Notices to Airmen (NOTAM). Refer to the AIP for more information under the Permanent and Temporary Airspace links.
  • You can purchase Visual Navigation Charts which depict other types of airspace here
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Disclaimer Message

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