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With over 10 years film and television experience, Luminance Media Ltd, run by Joe Lawry has worked on a wide range of productions in the camera department. Flying drones and operating gimbals on Feature films, TVCs, Telefeatures and broadcast televison, Joe is able to seamlessly come into any production environment and work at the highest level to get the job done. 

Joe also works as a Director of Photography so knows what is required to meet Directors vision by getting the coverage required. 

Flying the DJI Inspire 2 with the X5S camera, we can achieve high quality 5k content up to 30fps and 4k up to 60fps. Shooting either Uncompressed 12bit 4:4:4 or Apple Prores 422 HQ codecs means post production have the information required for grading, compositing or tracking when required. The camera features a Micro 4/3rds sensor and takes a 24, 30, 50 or 90mm Lens for different field of views.

Luminance Media holds a CAA issued Part 102 Certificate and our Operations Specs granted by the CAA allows us to work New Zealand wide.

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Part 102 Certificate Holder

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