Welcome to My Flights

  • Log all your drone flights on AirShare to understand the airspace restrictions of your flight location
  • If your planned drone flight in located within controlled airspace (red on the AirShare map) an automatic notification is sent to the local control tower for authorisation
  • By flying a UAV you are part of the aviation community and it's important to show where you'll be, to ensure safe operations for everyone.
  • Please note: My Flights only provides authorisation for controlled airspace flights. Flights within 4km of an uncontrolled aerodrome require agreement from the aerodrome operator directly. 


My Flights enables you to:

  • Log all your drone flights up to 12 months in advance (or add flights that have occurred in the past 2 months)
  • Automatically notify Air Traffic Control (ATC) if your planned flight is in controlled airspace
  • Receive provisional authorisation from ATC if your flight is logged >48hrs in advance
  • Receive ATC contact information so you can call for Final Clearance prior to flight
  • Save favourite flights for quick use
  • View your flight history

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