Why log my drone flights?

  • Safety first. Log your flights to show where you'll be flying.
  • Understand the airspace you are planning to fly in – Are you in controlled airspace or within 4km of an uncontrolled aerodrome?
  • Get authorisation from Air Traffic Control (ATC)
  • Build up your flight history
  • Join in and growth the online drone community

Maximise your chances of getting provisional authorisation for your controlled airspace flights!

  • Log your flight at the earliest possible opportunity!
  • If you do need to log a last minute flight plan, make sure you log before 6pm on the day before the flight
  • Enter the minimum altitude and area of operation you need - this may prevent your flight plan from infringing on high-traffic airspace 
  • If you flight is not operating under all the Part 101 requirements (i.e. under a Part 102 variation) further assessment by Airways is required, so please give us plenty of notice! 
  • If you hold a Part 102 certificate but are operating within all Part 101 requirements, please select ‘Part 101’ on your flight request form.


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