If you’ve just bought or been given your first drone (or UAV), airshare is the place to start - and continue as a member of the airshare community.

This page has been designed to provide you with some quick links to content on the site that we think you’ll need before you start flying your drone outdoors.

We recommend you get started by reading through the rules and making sure you know how to stay within the legal requirements.

You can do that by visiting our Rules page and reading the Part 101 operating rules in particular. Part 101 applies to all drone operators, even if you are just flying at your local park. If you have any questions about the rules, you can check our FAQs page or ask anything you like on our Facebook page.

Throughout the site you’ll find information for both recreational flyers and commercial drone pilots. Checkout our news/hub page for the latest news on what’s going on in New Zealand and overseas

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AirShare's maps show you where you can fly around New Zealand - and where you can't

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You can plan your UAV flights on AirShare, access your personal flight history and request access to controlled airspace

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AirShare.co.nz has teamed up with Airways Training specialists to develop a fun, interactive and handy course that can be accessed via your mobile device (ISO/Android) or your home or work computer. Learn about:

  • Which of the Civil Aviation Rules are applicable to you and how to fly within those rules
  • The difference between controlled and uncontrolled airspace and other airspace restrictions
  • How to log your flight on AirShare and get Air Traffic Control authorisation
  • How to read a visual navigation chart (VNC)
  • And much more!
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