New Zealand’s drone sector is rapidly growing and evolving. More than 10,000 drone pilots are now logging upwards of 600 flights every week through AirShare.

We recognise the significant opportunities and economic benefit the drone industry can bring to New Zealand and we are working closely with drone operators and our industry partners to support and encourage the safe growth of the drone sector.

The following information and resources are available to help airports communicate with drone pilots about how to abide by Civil Aviation rules and fly safely.

This includes information about that can be used online and in newsletters, media releases or other written communications


About AirShare – information for websites

Anyone wanting to fly a drone must follow strict Civil Aviation rules to keep all airspace users safe. is a one-stop-shop for drone users to find flight information and log flights with air traffic control.


AirShare is quick and easy to use and provides:

  • Maps: to know where to fly
  • My Flights: to log your flights directly with air traffic control and request access to controlled airspace
  • Top tips: to understand Civil Aviation rules
  • Council policies: on consent for flying over parks and council land
  • News Hub: to keep up to date with industry news
  • Social media: follow AirShare on Facebook and Twitter
  • Quiz: to test your knowledge
  • Marketplace: NZ’s largest directory to find drone operators or service providers

AirShare was developed by Airways New Zealand, in collaboration with Callaghan Innovation, Civil Aviation Authority and industry body UAVNZ.

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Top three messages for written communications:

  • Anyone wanting to fly a drone in New Zealand must follow strict rules to keep all airspace users safe.
  • is a one-stop-shop for drone pilots in New Zealand, helping them to quickly find flight information and log flights with air traffic control.
  • Visit to register.


Drone Tracker report

This year AirShare and Airways reached out to the drone community to ask for their views on drone safety and the growth of the industry, and to gain an in-depth look at how drones are being used both recreationally and commercially in New Zealand. The state of the industry Drone Tracker report produced from the survey provides information about safety challenges faced by the sector, along with forecasts of further growth. The annual survey will be an ongoing monitor that will map the direction of the drone sector.

The report is available here


AirShare ‘fly safe’ flyer

The AirShare ‘fly safe’ flyer is available in electronic or printed format. If you would like to request copies of the flyer, please email


AirShare logo

The airshare logo is available in electronic format on request by emailing