Using an AirShare transmitter, you’ll be able to see where you are flying, as well as alerts about nearby UAVs and aircraft to ensure everyone is aware and safe.
•    Flight tracking is achieved via the use of a transmitting device that is retro-fitted to UAVs that transmits key flight telemetry independent of the platform over the mobile network.
•    The transmitter is a 58g, self-powered device that is capable of reporting position (latitude, longitude), height above take off point, distance travelled, current speed, number of GPS satellites locked, pitch, yaw and roll of the UAV along with 3-axis accelerations.
•    An on-board mobile chip enables a communication link via a 256-bit encrypted link via https to AirShare.
•    Supported networks are the 2G/3G/4G LTE with provision for extensibility to 5G once it becomes widely available.


Features & Benefits

Real-time flight tracking

Increased situational awareness

Post-flight analysis & optimisation

AirShare transmitters are currently being rolled out to commercial operators as part of a beta programme.

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