It's here! The highly anticipated new beta versions of our AirShare web and mobile apps are now available in early release.

This beta release has already been tried and tested by a small group of our most frequent operators and here's what they're saying ...

"So...much...better!!! Man, within 30 seconds of going on I'd already used the NOTAM function that will impact an upcoming flight." - Jeff Brass, Think Photography

"Very impressed with the new interface, love the slick sliders and radius selection tools, easy address finding. Big improvement overall, loving it." - Jared Waddams, Helicam Pro

Some of the new features include:

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Faster time to takeoff
Flight planning is now dramatically easier with just a few easy clicks to submit your flight.

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Improved accuracy
Manually draw in the area of your flight for improved accuracy in flight planning.

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More informed flight planning
Quick and easy access to advisories and NOTAMs bring improved visibility and safety.

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Improved controlled airspace authorisation process

Only 30 minutes notice required to receive automatic provisional authorisations in most of controlled airspace.

You Choose

If you prefer to stay on the AirShare app that you're familiar with, you can absolutely keep using the existing app to log your flights. Both the existing AirShare app and the new beta release will both be available to download and use going forward. All your flight details will still be saved, no matter which option you log in with.

Instructions for iPhone customers

For iPhone customers, the button below will take you directly to TestFlight. TestFlight makes it easy to test beta versions of iOS apps and provide valuable feedback to developers before they release their apps on the App Store.

Instructions for Android customers

For Android customers, the button below will take you to an Android App Testing page, where you click on the 'Become A Tester' button and then follow the link to the Google Play Store to download. 

Let us Know

While we've ironed out most of the kinks, it's still a beta version, so we'd love to hear your feedback or answer any questions via our Contact Us form, or via the feedback feature in the app (under Settings > Feedback).




Q. Why have the 4km aerodrome circles changed?

  • New aerodrome zones now display the distance from an aerodrome boundary rather than the centre (consistent with the CAA Part 101 rules).

Q. When do I receive automatic provisional approval from Air Traffic Control?

  • You’ll gain automatic provisional approval if you -

    • log your flight more than 30 mins in advance, and

    • are operating under the CAA Part 101 rules, and

    • are outside sensitive operating areas (sensitive areas include approach fans and above 200ft within 4km of an aerodrome).

Q. Why can’t I cancel a flight, amend a flight or save and retrieve my favourites?

  • These features are still available in our existing AirShare app and we’re working to make them available in the new beta release soon.

Q. When will the transmitting devices be available?

  • Our hardware engineers are working tirelessly to create the best drone tracking and monitoring experience for you. We anticipate an announcement in the coming months. If you’re interested in hearing more about our transmitting devices, please opt-in for updates here.

Q. Why am I unable to get authorisation through AirShare to operate near uncontrolled aerodromes?

  • AirShare provides provisional authorisations for operating in Airways NZ controlled airspace only. Uncontrolled aerodromes are managed independently and authorisations need to be sought directly from them. Their contact details can be found from the AirShare map page.