If you've used the AirShare app before to check the airspace and log your drone flights, you'll certainly notice a few changes. AirShare 2.0 is an exciting release (available on both web and mobile), that has been designed and built from the ground up based on your feedback.

Here's the low down on some of the changes you'll see in the new apps -

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Faster time to takeoff
Flight planning is now dramatically easier with just a few easy clicks to submit your flight.


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More informed flight planning
Quick and easy access to airspace and landowner advisories and NOTAMs bring improved visibility and safety.


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Advanced Address Specific Search
Using the magnifying glass icon, you can search for a specific location where you wish to fly. The smart search feature includes exact addresses, as well as places of interest such as parks, beaches etc.


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Improved controlled airspace authorisation process
Only 30 minutes notice required to receive automatic provisional authorisations in most of controlled airspace. This includes areas more than 4km from the controlled aerodrome for flights up to 400 ft, and up to 200ft in areas within 4km of an aerodrome if you are not operating on an aircraft approach path or an area where air traffic is commonly routed.


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Weather Information
Wind and weather information is now available for your current flight areas.


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Improved accuracy
Manually draw in the area of your flight using the new free-draw feature (rather than a circle) for improved accuracy in flight planning.


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DJI Flight Controller Integration
The AirShare mobile app with DJI SDK integration enables drone operators to fly their DJI drones without having to toggle apps or switch between platforms.


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Marketplace Listings
The AirShare Marketplace functionality hasn’t changed.  For current Marketplace customers, we’ve added an extra button on the Marketplace information page (https://www.airshare.co.nz/list-airshare-marketplace) that allows you to edit your listing.


When flying in New Zealand, please be aware that there are many restricted spaces where drones are not permitted, or require special permission, such as New Zealand’s National Parks.








Q. How do I use the free drawing feature?

  • On the mobile app, simply touch the polygon shape (next to the circle) and then draw the area using your fingertip. If you wish to edit the shape, just touch the polygon shape again to redraw your planned flight area. On the web app, simply click the first point of your shape, then the next point, and so on, and a line will appear to join the dots (no click and drag required).

Q. How do I terminate a flight once I’ve finished flying?

  • The terminate button is now labeled ‘end flight’. Clicking this button advises Air Traffic Control that you have landed and your flight is finished. All controlled airspace and you need to call the tower.

Q. What's going to happen to my historical flights?

  • When you log into AirShare, your historical flights will all be there. Email us on info@airshare.co.nz if you have any issues finding your historical data.

Q. What do the new status indicators mean eg. declared, pending etc?

  • Declared
    You’ll see this status if you’re flying outside of controlled airspace. You will still need to ensure you have permission from any people or property you are flying over and have checked that it’s not conservation land or a regional park (see the Department of Conservation website for more details).
  • Pending
    This status shows when you are planning to fly in controlled airspace and you are awaiting a response from Air Traffic Control.
  • Provisionally Authorised
    This status is where your flight has received provisional authorisation from air traffic control. You will need to call the air traffic control tower approximately 15 minutes before your flight to get the final go ahead.
  • Rejected
    If you receive this status, air traffic control have assessed your flight request and found that it may present too much risk to manned aircraft.
  • Flying
    This status is where you have activated your flight and are sharing your position with other airspace users.
  • Complete
    You will get this status once you have selected that you have finished flying. It will stop sharing your position with other airspace users and, if you are in controlled airspace, advise air traffic control that your drone is no longer in the air.

Q. How can I save as a favourite?

  • Now the process to log a flight is much quicker and easier, we have not retained this feature in AirShare 2.0. We know many of you have used this feature a lot in the past, so we’d be keen to work with you on a new way to do this in the future. Let us know by submitting your feedback at info@airshare.co.nz.

Q. How do I log in to the web app?

  • The login button is now called ‘Web App’. Once you click this, the web app will open in a new window.